ZenRobotics people

The company’s rather audacious team consists of quaintly modest guru coders, radiant industrial automation experts, fierce doctors, and mad scientists. Our team has strong background in machine learning, sensor fusion and data mining.

The super-talented people of ZenRobotics would all certainly deserve to be introduced here! However, as we are scared that you would try to steal them, we’ll only do the corporate thing, and give you a brief introduction to our management, sales team and Board of Directors. And don’t you go recruiting them either!

The Management


Timo Taalas
Timo Taalas, Chief Executive Officer. An engineering leader, and a coder at heart, Mr. Taalas has more than two decades of experience in research and development. Previously an engineering director at GE Healthcare (NYSE:GE), he managed over two hundred engineers all over the globe.
Ditty Damström
Ditty Damström, Head of Finance. Mrs. Damström has extensive experience of Finance and Business Control within ICT, Life Sciences and Internet sectors. She has worked in several countries and on numerous projects, such as acquisitions and restructurings. Before joining ZenRobotics, she worked for Sulake Corporation during a period of strong global expansion.
Harri Holopainen
Harri Holopainen, Head of Technology. Mr. Holopainen has a proven track record in successful high-tech start-ups. He is a hands-on engineer specializing in start-up organization, technology strategy and very compact slides. He has founded several start-ups, raised several financing rounds and exited two companies.
Juha Koivisto
Juha Koivisto, Head of Delivery, has over 20 years of experience in managing material handling projects and service operations for various industrial sectors. With a hands-on attitude he has successfully delivered demanding industrial projects globally.
Tuomas J. Lukka
Tuomas J. Lukka, Ph.D., is founder and Chief Scientist at ZenRobotics. Tuomas got his PhD at the age of 20 in molecular quantum mechanics, and was awarded the prestigious three-year Junior Fellowship at Harvard University in the following year. Later, he left the academia to work at Hybrid Graphics for three years which subsequently led to the founding of ZenRobotics.

Meet the Sales Team

Meet the Board of Directors