The transition to a circular economy is led by modern waste management heroes

That’s why we’re here, thriving with our clients. We started in 2007 by creating a completely new market for robotic waste sorting. Today, we’re continuing to automate the whole waste industry for good. With us, operators can upgrade their recycling infrastructure to meet modern requirements and lead the way towards a more efficient, circular future.

We go way beyond our clients’ recycling targets

Being in the recycling business for 15+ years, we deeply understand waste operators’ needs and their local market requirements. But meeting them is just the baseline for us: we want to go further, exceeding today’s recycling needs and demands by a mile. Our fit-for-purpose technology enables just that, helping our clients take in and discover more valuable recyclables - and build a competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving waste industry.

Circular native, born and raised

The past 15 years has seen ZenRobotics create, define and drive growth in the waste industry. We’re proud to be the first company to use artificial intelligence in waste sorting, and we’re even prouder to have our clients reach many firsts in the world: from launching the world’s first ever robotic recycling station to building fully automated next-generation MRFs on an industrial scale.

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ZenRobotics Ltd. was founded.


ZenRobotics became the first company to apply AI-based robots to waste sorting.


ZenRobotics Recycler makes its first pick in Helsinki, Finland.


Multiple ZenRobotics Recyclers are installed and put into use on a global scale.


Launch of the Heavy Picker, world’s strongest waste sorting robot for bulky C&D type waste. Designed in-house and exclusively for the harsh waste sorting environment.


Further global expansion to new markets like US and China.


Launch of the Fast Picker, the fastest waste sorting robot. Designed in-house and exclusively for maximizing the recovery and purity of lightweight materials up to 1kg.


Launch of multiple industrial scale MRFs built around ZenRobotics technology, including the world's biggest robotic recycling facility for C&D and C&I waste streams.


Global waste generation is set to increase by 70% by 2050. Of the 2 billion tons of waste annually, only 19% is recovered through recycling or composting. Unless we change this outcome.

Waste industry showing the way for other industries

But helping our clients extract higher value out of waste, get more actionable data and reach ambitious circular economy targets isn’t where the story ends. After all, it’s not just the waste operators who can benefit from getting more high-quality recyclables. For many industries, access to circular raw materials is key to sustaining and reinventing their business. A circular future means we need all hands on deck – and we’re glad to set an example.

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