About ZenRobotics

ZenRobotics Ltd is a high-tech company specialized in Artificial Intelligence (AI) controlled robotic systems. We deliver today’s technology that everybody knows is the way of the future. We believe that smart robotics and learning systems will have tons of applications in the future.

As a company, ZenRobotics Ltd stands right in the intersection of two global megatrends: the revolution of smart robotics technology and the global need for ecological efficiency to fight the waste crisis. Our solution, available and shipping today, represents the best available technology in its field.

Right now we are focused on Next Generation Recycling – we like to solve one major world problem at a time. Our product, the ZenRobotics Recycler, is the first commercially available robotic waste sorting system. It reclaims chosen fractions from solid waste with industrial robots and smart machine learning technology.

Our story

ZenRobotics Ltd. was founded in 2007. Building on the scientific work of the neurorobotics research group at Aalto University, we saw the future potential of smart robotics and learning systems very early in the game.

Our initial market research for the machine learning technology in 2008 resulted in a number of high-profile projects for various industries. The early customers included the likes of the industrial power corporation Teollisuuden Voima (nuclear plant fuel bundle order optimization), Sandvik Mining & Construction (a novel R&D analysis tool for drilling equipment), and Ekokem Ltd (predicting peak CO levels in toxic waste incineration). 

Then we got really ambitious and started saving the world. One crisis at a time.

We quickly saw the potential of smart robotics in fighting the world’s waste catastrophe, where all the commodities factories push out end up in landfills only some short months or years later. With recycling that relied in inefficient manual labour, the precious raw materials were simply being dumped away.

Enter ZenRobotics Recycler, the world’s first robotic waste sorting system. Designed to lower costs, reduce manual labour, increase recycling efficiency and increase the purity of recycled materials, our solution is defining Next Generation Recycling.

Today ZenRobotics Ltd is the world leader in robotic recycling systems. Our competitive advantage comes from tedious scientific research and rock-solid product development. The ZenRobotics Recycler relies on artificial intelligence technology in both identifying the valuable raw materials in the waste, and in controlling the robot’s adaptive picking motions.

Solving the world’s waste crisis is one application of smart robotics technology. Which problem will we solve next?