This is our secret: we use science!

ZenRobotics is one of the forerunners in advanced robotics. We understand and appreciate the value of our intellectual property and have protected the ZenRobotics Recycler product with patents and trademarks in all focal international markets.

Multiple patent applications, both software and hardware, form a considerable competitive advantage and pave the road for future product innovation and breakthroughs.

Our team consists of some pretty clever people. Here are examples of their work.

Examples of ZenRobotics’s public research activity:
(Warning: This may get scientific!)

Deep Learning Made Easier by Linear Transformations in Perceptrons
(proceedings, 15th International Conference on AI and Statistics, AISTATS)

Oscillatory Neural Network for Image Segmentation with Biased Competition for Attention Chapter 7, Brain-Inspired Cognitive Systems
(Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, vol 718)

Enhanced Gradient and Adaptive Learning Rate for Training Restricted Boltzmann Machines
(proceedings, International Conference on Machine Learning)

Denoising Source Separation
(Journal of Machine Learning Research)

Learning anticipatory behaviour using a simple cerebellar model
(Proceedings of the 9th SCAI)

Cerebellar learning for motor control
(Computational Neuroscience Research Group)

Model of neocortex
(Computational Neuroscience Research Group)