30.04.2021 BlogHow to find the right robot for your unique sorting need?

ZenBrain, our all-powerful industrial AI, already saw this coming a decade ago but it caught us humans by total surprise. Digitalization took a massive leap in the past year as borders, business and physical interactions closed down. The waste industry is now fast on its way to becoming heavily automated and robotized. 

Other trends are pushing this development, too. Concerns over employee safety and human exposure have become even more critical during the pandemic. Increasing regulations are placing higher demands on recovery rates and purity requirements. And MRFs are aiming to become more efficient and profitable with around the clock operations.

To meet these new industry demands, a growing number of operators are considering investing in sorting robots. But can everyone find the right match for their waste stream?

A robot for any sorting task

Most operators are on a clear mission: finding new ways to recover the purest and most valuable materials from their waste stream. This is to increase profits, capture new markets and advance the circular economy. AI and robotic technologies are the key to unlocking the potential.

Our forward-looking customers already have a headstart in applying these emerging technologies. We’re helping them raise the bar by developing accurate and flexible robots that are able to recognize a growing number of waste fractions. The benefit? Robots sort many high-purity fractions tirelessly from the belt. This helps our customers radically improve their recovery rates and build a competitive edge.

Could such a sorting robot fit my particular sorting line and needs, you might be wondering. The good news is: absolutely! Our robots can sort fractions of various shapes, weights and sizes from both industrial and household waste. They can be trained to sort objects both positively and negatively. So, pick fractions in required purity from the belt or remove unwanted objects so only fractions in required purity remain on the belt.

Our Fast Picker is optimal for light packaging waste. Bottles, cans, tray cups and alike made from plastics in different colours and polymers including HDPE, LDPE, PET or PETE, PP and PS. The Fast Picker also sorts grey and brown fibers including beverage cartons and metals such as UBC (used beverage cans). The robot does both quality control and residue recovery, faster than your eyes can register.

The Heavy Picker is perfect for MRFs that deal with large bulky objects from C&D or C&I waste. It also sorts scrap metal, rigid plastics and more. With Heavy Picker, you can sort several waste types simultaneously with superhuman strength. The robot also helps minimize the need for pre-processing of waste. If you want to see both robots in full speed action, head on over to our YouTube channel.

ZenRobotics is here to help

MRFs are evolving fast, and AI and robotics will soon become an everyday feature. Today, robots can sort a wide range of waste fractions thanks to advanced recognition and sensor technologies. If you’re interested to find out what solution might work for you, get in touch with ZenRobotics’ experts. Our team is happy to talk over options that fit your particular needs.