19.12.2019 BlogIn the 2020s, robotic sorting will be the new normal

2020 is just around the corner and we at ZenRobotics are eagerly looking forward to our second decade in robotic waste sorting. We planted the seed of robotic recycling when the very first ZenRobotics’ commercial robot started picking waste in 2009. Now, a full decade of robotic waste sorting later, robots are becoming mainstream.

We believe in circular economy built on smart automation and digitalization

Robotic sorting is driven by both necessity and opportunity. It complements conventional recycling technologies to meet the growing needs of a circular economy.

However, the things that we must do are just one side of the coin. There’s a silver lining – an opportunity – on the other side.

ISWA’s (International Solid Waste Association) “How Industry 4.0 Transforms the Waste Sector” report puts emphasis to the rise of robots in waste treatment. According to ISWA, key drivers for the robotic revolution include significant cost savings that comes from process efficiency and improved revenue streams from high-purity recyclables. Also, robots minimize the need to find motivated sorting staff for the hard, repetitive and physically straining work.

So, why would robotic recycling finally become the new normal in the 2020s?

First, the technology has matured during the last decade. AI and robots have finally brought industrial automation to the waste management. Finally, the waste industry can benefit from the same possibilities as the manufacturing industry has exploited for decades.

Secondly, robots and AI make perfect business sense. Robots are an investment in the future – an investment that pays itself back with increased efficiency, and higher quality of recyclables.

Together to the next level

Our mission is to turn waste into value. We fulfil this mission by focusing on cooperation and creating value to our customers by providing them with the best waste sorting robots.

We extend our thanks to our customers, partners, contributors, evangelists, and colleagues. You have made the robotic recycling revolution a reality.