19.12.2019 BlogISWA report: Robots mainstream in waste separation

The How Industry 4.0 Transforms the Waste Sector report was released at the International Solid Waste Association’s World Congress, held in Bilbao, Spain, in October 2019.

ISWA’s report, which includes ZenRobotics’ installation as a case study, is the result of three years of analysis on the most important issues facing the waste management industry.

One of the key findings of the report is that the waste management industry needs to develop new business models to deal with unprecedented levels of pollution, population growth, and increased material usage.

“Robotic revolution driven by significant cost savings”

The ISWA report puts emphasis to the rise of robots in waste treatment. According to ISWA, key drivers for the robotic revolution include significant cost savings that comes from process efficiency and improved revenue streams from high-purity recyclables.

The report identifies four key benefits from robotic waste sorting:

  • More flexible sorting lines thanks to real-time data.
  • Better knowledge of the waste input composition.
  • Market adaptation by focusing on high-value recyclables.
  • Reduced reliance on manual sorters.

According to the report, the change is just around the corner:

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As robotics are becoming better and gradually they will be the mainstream for material separation, a completely new design of facilities is expected to appear within the next 3-5 years. This design will have the robots at the center of the operations.

How Industry 4.0 Transforms the Waste Sector ISWA

You can read the ISWA announcement and download the full report at ISWA’s website.