24.09.2021 BlogThe quick and low-cost way into autonomous waste sorting

The race to a circular economy with modern waste management is on full speed. To take the lead, operators are looking for smarter solutions that improve the efficiency of waste sorting and also easy to implement. On this blog, we’ll share the fastest way to turn those valuable fractions into your biggest revenue streams in the C&D and C&I space.

You might have noticed that AI-powered sorting robots are fast becoming an everyday feature in modern MRFs. If anything proves that we’re headed this way, it’s the upcoming opening of two of the world’s most advanced fully automated and robotized MRFs in Europe by our long-term customers Remeo and Eberhard.

Luckily, you don’t have to plunge into a major investment just yet to get all the benefits of AI-based sorting. In fact, you can start building a competitive edge now at a very low operating cost and no changes to your existing infrastructure or processes.

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By opting for a Heavy Picker standalone solution, an autonomous robotic sorting station that fits into the backyard of any C&D or similar operation. The standalone option allows you to keep your robotic sorting line independent from other operations and the back end to operate unmanned even 24/7. That’s 8760 hours in a year! Imagine all the waste fractions from wood, plastics, metals, inert and more that superstrong robot arms could be lifting in that time.

Just take it from some of the operators that are already taking advantage of it. As Carl F and Lundstams from Sweden and Bjorstaddalen from Norway have discovered, this option is an easy way to hop on board the circular economy innovation drive. What’s more, the boost in sorting efficiency that followed has helped them to gain multiple business opportunities and win new customers.

The standalone has a quick installation and includes all the needed equipment such as conveyors and feeding bunkers come in one turn-key package. If you want to see the full action, check out these testimonials from Carl F!

If you’re interested in connecting your MRF to this system of tireless AI-powered robots, we’re eager to hear from you. To discuss about the standalone solution,  let’s connect as soon as possible