19.05.2021 BlogWant to fit a sorting robot into your facility easily? Here’s how.

What does getting a sorting robot mean in practice? Will I have to make big changes to my facility? How does the robot fit in with the machines I already have at my plant?

These are some of the questions our experts get asked almost daily as a growing number of operators are considering investing in sorting robots.

In this blog, we’ll answer these questions on what it takes to integrate a sorting robot into your current operations. Spoiler alert – less than you’d probably think. You can fit a robot almost anywhere. And we’ll tell you exactly how.

But first a note. In case you missed our previous blog on how to find the right robot that fits your unique sorting needs, head on over to this page.

Otherwise, let’s dive in.

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An optimal sorting robot for any type of facility

Let’s start with the good news. AI-powered sorting robots come in different shapes and sizes so they can easily be integrated into just about any surroundings. This makes them accessible to a variety of players across the industry.

Let’s say your MRF deals with light packaging waste made from plastics, fiber and/or metal. Then your go-to solution would be a smaller high-speed robot like the ZenRobotics Fast Picker which can be integrated into most picking stations without any additional modifications. The robot fits a single sorting bay and can be retrofitted for different conveyor widths and multi-lane conveyors. It can be easily integrated to side streams, reject recovery lines, and quality control after optical sorting.

Since the Fast Picker requires no major changes to your existing set up, it’s not a huge investment. Actually, it’s a good way to gain experience in using these new technologies in waste management. And once you start hitting those higher recovery rates, you can easily stack multiple units together to double or triple your picking speed!

But what if you operate a plant that sorts large and heavy objects from construction, demolition and industrial waste? Then your best bet would be a heavy-duty robot like ZenRobotics Heavy Picker. The Heavy Picker comes with 1-3 robot arms and can be retrofitted to complement existing operations. Or, it can be set up as a separate standalone waste sorting process that can be easily connected to existing capacity and only requires space at your site. No fuss, no muss. The extra-strong robot lifts objects up to 30kg so it also minimizes the need for pre-shredding waste or pre-sorting the waste with an excavator. 

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ZenRobotics is here to help

Whatever your waste type or facility setup, it’s possible to accommodate robotic waste sorting to fit your unique needs. If you still have questions about integrating waste-sorting robots to your MRF, get in touch with ZenRobotics’ experts. Our team is happy to talk over options, whether it’s starting with your first robot sorting line or investing into a fleet of hard-working robots to fully digitalize your operations.