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Get value out of Dry Mixed Recycling with Fast Picker

Dry Mixed Recycling can be sorted with ZenRobotics Fast Picker automatically and efficiently, replacing inefficient manual processes with an industry-high purity rate of up to 99%.

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Dry mixed recycling (DMR) is a cost-effective way to comply with increasing regulations, reduce costs and capture reusable clean recyclables. ZenRobotics Fast Picker is the optimal robot to separate DMR waste into high-purity materials like different qualities of plastics, fibers and metals.

Sorting Dry Mixed Recycling with ZenRobotics Fast Picker

ZenRobotics Fast Picker sorts lightweight materials made from plastics, fiber and/or metal with a powerful vacuum gripper. Fast Picker sorts bottles, lids, cans, tray cups and alike made from different colors and polymers including HDPE, LDPE, PET by grade, PP and PS. The robot also sorts grey and brown fibers including beverage cartons, and is able to identify objects by brand and packaging even when the fiber is not visible. Further, the robot picks metals such as used beverage cans (UBC).

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The Fast Picker is optimal for both quality control and residue recovery, and can sort objects both positively and negatively. For example, robots can be trained to remove unwanted objects like contaminants such as herbicide cans (roundup), silicone cartridges, non-stick ketchup bottles, oil cans, and pipe cleaners from HDPE.

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Output: Value out of Dry Mixed Recyling

After sorting DMR with Fast Picker, you  have not only high-purity recyclables but also data from Fast Picker’s ZenBrain to increase the intelligence of your facility. On top of that, sorting waste with ZenRobotics up to 99% purity levels enables you to reach ambitious circular economy targets.

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