08.06.2021 BlogA competetive edge with robots? See how other operators are doing it

What will I gain when I go ahead and invest in a sorting robot?

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This is the question on many of our customers’ minds after they’ve discovered the right sorting robot for their unique sorting tasks. And the easiest way to integrate the robot into their specific facility setup.

Let’s start with the immediate benefits to daily operations.

By automating your waste sorting process, you can significantly increase plant efficiency and save costs. By training AI-powered robots to recognize an unlimited number of high-value fractions, you can supercharge your recovery rates. And by putting tireless robot sorters on the job, you can move your employees to less risky and more productive tasks.

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But there’s more.

In addition to these everyday benefits, our customers have gone on to do some extraordinary things by automating their waste sorting operations. And so can you.

Here are a few examples of what industry leaders are doing to establish market leadership in their region:

  • Supersize the capacity of your facility. Frontrunners are currently making big investments into large, fully robotized MRFs that sort a wide range of waste types. This allows them to take a big slice of the growing market for recycled materials in one bold move. Read about our longtime customer that is in the process of building the world’s biggest and most advanced automated materials recovery facility that combines both C&D and C&I waste. 
  • Discover new fractions, get new customers. Operators typically start with putting robots on the sorting tasks that manual sorters have been doing before. In the process, many have discovered that they can train their robots to sort completely new fractions that have not been on their radar before or ended up in incineration, for example. This has allowed them to enter into contracts with new customers interested in these recycled materials, growing their business into new areas. Read about a great example of this here.
  • Expand your business with new waste-based products. Some of our customers have taken their operations to completely new heights by turning recycled high-purity fractions into new upcycled products on site. Check out how this customer of ours is closing the loop on building materials by converting C&D waste into new, high-quality secondary building materials at their facility. 
  • Establish yourself as a circular economy leader. Many countries have high reduction targets for waste and emissions. To comply, public authorities are expecting companies to meet these requirements for example in tenders. Not only can robotic sorting help you meet new purity standards, modernizing your operations can have a big impact in your surrounding community. A fantastic example of this is one of our customers in Malmö that reportedly reduced 10.300 tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2018, helping avoid more emissions in society than what resulted from their operations.

ZenRobotics is here to help

Whether you want to make fast improvements into your daily operations with robotic sorting or start building a competitive edge for years to come with full automation, get in touch! ZenRobotics’ experts are more than happy to find the perfect solution for your needs and discuss different ways your operations can benefit from robotic sorting starting today.