AboutHumans, join our mission!

If you’re looking to save the world with the most advanced technologies, you’ve arrived at the right place.

We’re on a mission to solve the global resource shortage and turn waste into circular raw material – and need smart people from all over the world to achieve this.

Curious, but need more convincing? Here’s what you’ll get to work with post-joining:

At ZenRobotics, you’ll get to focus on things you simply can’t elsewhere.

We’re constantly working with new technology that combines robotics and software to solve real-life problems. In our case: helping our customers to turn growing volumes of waste into valuable new raw materials. The magic happens when our robots get down and dirty on the field. But we have a secret underground robot-testing laboratory in downtown Helsinki, too.

At ZenRobotics, you’ll become an essential part of a truly diverse and global team.

We’re currently a team of 60+ world-class talents, coming from all parts of the world to achieve the same mission. While our focus on teamwork is what makes us tick, our culture thrives through goodwill and respect. Join us today, and you'll grow into a new role or skill set in no time.

At ZenRobotics, you won’t get bored.

No day is quite the same when you’re working on some one of the toughest challenges in the world. And we Zennies like to get together and let loose every now and then too. Our monthly Last Fridays are popular events to mix with your colleagues. Robots strictly prohibited from attending. They only mingle at the secret lab.

Take the next step in your career towards saving the world and join us:

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