Efficient waste sorting process

Install ZenRobotics systems to complement your existing waste processing facilities or set it up as a stand-alone waste sorting process. If you are looking for an efficient and yet a simple solution, ZenRobotics Heavy Picker makes decentralized waste sorting a viable option. You can install ZenRobotics HP in a simple process with little additional equipment. This allows efficient waste sorting with few additional investments and low operating costs.

Hands-free sorting for MRF’s

ZenRobotics Fast Picker, designed for MRF’s, is easily integrated to side streams, reject recovery lines, and quality control after optical sorting. It allows autonomous picking 24/7 and increases recovery while maintaining high purity in recyclables. Its robust and compact design is optimal for a demanding waste treatment environment and can be retrofitted for different conveyor widths. Therefore, it fits most picking stations without additional modifications.

Robotic options: more robots means more capacity

The ZenRobotics systems come with one or more robot picking arms. More robots means more waste processing capacity – several arms simply pick more waste objects than a single arm.