Efficient waste sorting process

You can use the multi-purpose ZenRobotics systems to complement your existing waste processing facilities or set it up as a stand-alone waste sorting process. 

If you are looking for an efficient and yet a simple solution, ZenRobotics Heavy Picker makes decentralized waste sorting a viable option. You can install ZenRobotics HP in a simple process with little additional equipment. This allows efficient waste sorting with few additional investments and low operating costs.


Stand-alone or complementing installation

ZenRobotics’ stand-alone installation does not require any existing waste sorting processes. With a stand-alone installation, you can design your entire waste sorting process around robots. This allows a simple, almost automated sorting process with high sorting capacity. Further, stand-alone installations are well-suited for working in multiple shifts and even for 24/7 operation.

ZenRobotics systems can also be used to complement your existing waste sorting process. The installation only requires a conveyor and a feeding bunker that enable a continuous and even flow of waste to the robots.

Install several ZenRobotics units for more capacity.

Hands-free sorting for MRF’s

ZenRobotics Fast Picker, that’s especially designed for MRF’s, is easily integrated to side streams, reject recovery lines, and quality control after optical sorting. It allows autonomous picking 24/7 and increases recovery while maintaining high purity in recyclables. Its robust and compact design is optimal for a demanding waste treatment environment and can be retrofitted for different conveyor widths. Therefore, it fits most picking stations without additional modifications.

Robotic options: more robots means more capacity

The ZenRobotics systems come with one or more robot picking arms. More robots means more waste processing capacity – several arms simply pick more waste objects than a single arm. 

ZRR3 – ZenRobotics Recycler now available with three arms.