Waste stream analysis from your phone!

ZenRobotics Recycler comes equipped with a modern control tools that are available anytime, anywhere. You can easily control the sorted fractions, purity and throughput and react to changes in the waste stream. Depending on your need, you can switch the operation mode to maximize throughput or to minimize reject. In addition, you can even let ZRR choose the most profitable mode for you!


Easy-to-use ZRR User Interface

ZRR Reporting


Easy access to waste stream analysis and performance data

ZenRobotics Reporting Tool gives you access to an online analysis of your waste stream and sorting results. ZenRobotics Reporting Tool provides you with key information and metrics needed to control and optimize your production.

If you are travelling or you manage multiple sites remotely, you can access site-specific performance data from anywhere in the world. The online reporting tool is available using a PC, tablet or smartphone.

ZenRobotics Reporting Tool Features


  • Operating hours
  • Key metrics such as availability, activity and downtime

Waste analysis

  • Analysis for single robot, entire ZRR unit or even the whole site
  • From hourly data to monthly summary
  • Analysis of the incoming waste stream

Performance data

  • Throughput (amount of sorted waste)
  • Picks/hour

Online access

  • Access data anytime, anywhere using a PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Data is stored in a secure cloud service
  • No administration work required
  • Option to integrate data to your IT-systems
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