ZenbrAIn knows your waste!

ZenRobotics units come equipped with modern control tools that are available anytime, anywhere. You can easily control the sorted fractions, purity and throughput and react to changes in the waste stream. The core of ZenRobotics’ technology is ZenbrAIn, the unique software that analyzes the data and controls the robots. It’s an essential part of ZenRobotics’ waste sorting systems and enables detailed analysis of sorted waste.

Waste Analysis Tool

ZenRobotics Waste Analysis Tool scans the waste and collects data about the waste stream. Now it’s possible to install it separately solely for waste analysis purposes. It provides you with key information and metrics needed to control and optimize your production.

Easy access to your performance data

ZenRobotics Reporting Tool gives waste operators access to online analysis of their waste stream and sorting results. Site-specific performance data can be easily accessed anywhere in the world with ZenRobotics Reporting Tool that can be reached online on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

ZenRobotics Waste Analysis Tool

  • Availability, activity, downtime
  • Throughput
  • Picks/hour
  • Waste analysis for a single robot or the entire ZenRobotics unit
  • Analysis of incoming waste stream
  • From hourly data to monthly summary
  • Access data anywhere
  • Data is stored in a secure cloud service
  • Option to integrate data to your IT-systems

Switch the sorting task on the go!

ZenRobotics units are equipped with an easy-to-use user interface. Operators can easily control sorted fractions, purity and throughput and react to changes in the waste stream. Also, the user Interface allows you to select operation mode to maximize the throughput, minimize the reject or even let the robots choose the most profitable mode.