Additional fraction upgrades for ZenRobotics Recycler

Additional fraction upgrades for ZenRobotics Recycler: Rigid plastics, A-wood, B-wood and cardboard made available for robotic sorting

ZenRobotics Recycler, world’s first robotic recycling system, comes equipped with new fraction options. In addition to inert, metals and wood the system now separates rigid plastics, various qualities of wood and cardboard from one waste stream.

ZenRobotics has made available new fraction options to meet the wide-ranging demands of waste sorting companies. Now it’s possible to sort out big and bulky plastic objects, such as tubes and buckets, from a mixed waste stream while avoiding unnecessary shredding. Furthermore, the system now recognizes various qualities of wood with high purity. The ZenRobotics Recycler can separate A-wood and B-wood qualities in order to guarantee high quality wood for further processing. New fraction options include also cardboard.

“ZenRobotics Recycler is a multi-tasking system. It can adjust to changing needs in waste sorting. The plant operator can easily choose the fractions they want to sort out. In the future there will be even more fractions that the customers can get as an upgrade. This is the kind of flexibility that is not currently available in waste sorting”, says ZenRobotics CEO Timo Taalas.


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