ZenRobotics Fast Picker reinforces ZenRobotics’ line of heavy-duty waste sorting robots

ZenRobotics is thrilled to announce its latest addition to the line of intelligent waste sorting robots: ZenRobotics Fast Picker for light material. The new robot model is a result of our decade-long experience in waste robotics and couples the most intelligent software with high-speed picking. Designed to improve the efficiency of MRF’s, ZenRobotics Fast Picker is ideal for lightweight material such as packaging (LWP) and dry mixed recyclables (DMR).

“Customers wish to integrate robots to all kinds of waste streams and now we’re meeting that demand with the Fast Picker. Now you can choose the ideal robot for every sorting task”, Juha Mieskonen, ZenRobotics Head of Sales.

Right Robot for Every Sorting Task

ZenRobotics Fast Picker allows autonomous picking 24/7 and increases recovery while maintaining high purity in recyclables. It’s easily integrated to side streams, reject recovery lines and quality control after optical sorting. Its robust and compact design is optimal for a demanding waste treatment environment and can be retrofitted to different conveyor widths. Therefore it fits most picking stations without additional modifications.

ZenRobotics Fast Picker is ideal for lightweight material such as packaging (LWP) and dry mixed recyclables (DMR).

ZenbrAIn Knows Your Waste

ZenRobotics Fast Picker is powered by ZenbrAIn, the unique Artificial Intelligence software that analyzes the data and controls the robots. ZenbrAIn is constantly learning, enabling operators to quickly react to changes in the waste stream. Thus, ZenRobotics Fast Picker is not purpose-specific but can be readily updated for performance-tuning or new fractions. This kind of flexibility has not been available in waste sorting before and it’s possible thanks to years’ of industrial experience and research by ZenRobotics.


Fast Picker in a nutshell

  • Sorts unlimited number of fractions
  • 4000 picks/hour
  • Max. object weight: 1 kg
  • Max. object size: 400 mm
  • Hybrid sorting: positive & negative at the same time
  • Replaces manual sorting
  • Increases product recovery & purity rates
  • Easy installation to existing MRF’s