Second Robotic Sorting Line to China

ZenRobotics and its Chinese distributor, China Jiangsu Intertech Intelligent Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd, have agreed on a delivery of a Heavy Picker unit to a sorting site in Shanghai. The robotic sorting line for construction and demolition waste is the second of its kind in China.

Skrotfrag Installs a Robotic Sorting Line for Scrap Metal

Swedish scrap processing company Skrotfrag installs a robotic sorting line for sorting scrap metal. The robotic sorting line, equipped with a three-armed ZenRobotics Heavy Picker, will be the third of its kind in Sweden. Skrotfrag will be one of the first companies to apply robotic sorting technology to scrap metal. The application is a welcomed … Continued

Wolfgang Schiller Appointed CEO of ZenRobotics

Joins Company From Leading Robot Manufacturer KUKA AG to Drive the Next Phase of Growth We are pleased to announce that the Board of ZenRobotics Ltd. has appointed Wolfgang Schiller as the new CEO of ZenRobotics, effective immediately. Prior to ZenRobotics, Mr. Schiller was the Vice President Electronics Industry at KUKA AG, one of the … Continued

Spross to install robots in the heart of Zurich

ZenRobotics Ltd. and Spross Muldenservice AG have agreed on a delivery of a ZenRobotics Heavy Picker to the customer’s site in Zurich, Switzerland. The unit that will sort construction waste and bulky household waste will be delivered in March 2019. The Spross Group, founded originally in 1892, is a Zurich-based family business in the fifth … Continued

Ferrovial in Spain to Apply Robots for Municipal Waste

ZenRobotics Ltd and Ferrovial, a Spanish multinational environmental solutions provider, have agreed on a delivery of waste sorting robots to Ferrovial’s waste sorting facility in Spain. With the investment Ferrovial accelerates its development towards improved material circulation. Ferrovial leads the “ZRR for Municipal Waste” project, which will analyze the implementation of robotics to automate and … Continued

Swedish Company Lundstams Invests in Robotic Waste Sorting

The Swedish waste management company Lundstams Återvinning AB and Mared AB have agreed on a delivery of ZenRobotics waste sorting robots to one of Lundstams’ facilities in Northern Sweden. The new sorting line allows Lundstams to process waste more efficiently and closer to the source. The robotic sorting line is expected to be operational in … Continued

Sorting Speed Increases with 15%

Smoother moves increase sorting speed with 15% ZenRobotics’ sorting robots are now picking waste even smoother and faster. Recent improvements in motion control increase the robot’s sorting speed with 15% thanks to more efficient, less robotic movements. Years’ of experience in installing robots into waste sorting facilities have deepened our understanding of how robots need … Continued

ZenRobotics Fast Picker reinforces ZenRobotics’ line of heavy-duty waste sorting robots

ZenRobotics is thrilled to announce its latest addition to the line of intelligent waste sorting robots: ZenRobotics Fast Picker for light material. The new robot model is a result of our decade-long experience in waste robotics and couples the most intelligent software with high-speed picking. Designed to improve the efficiency of MRF’s, ZenRobotics Fast Picker … Continued

ZenRobotics Recycler Owner Awarded – Recon Services C&D Recycler of the Year 2018

The Construction and Demolition Recycling Association (CDRA) chose to honor the first recycling robot operator in North America for his extraordinary contributions. ”Recon being the first to incorporate robotic waste sorting technlogy in the western hemispehere has brought us a lot of attention, but this prestiguous award took us by surprise”, says a happy Walter … Continued