Robotic sorting line inaugurated at Lundstams

Sweden’s second robotic waste sorting line was inaugurated during a festive opening ceremony on 14 June 2019. Determined to work towards improving material circulation, Lundstams is making better use of materials that were wasted before.

Meeting ambitious plans

Lars Lundstam, Chairman and co-owner at Lundstams, emphasized that the company has always aimed to be ahead of the curve, offering waste management solutions with the help of advanced technologies.

“We have always had the ambition to make more of the waste that we process. We want to turn our customers’ materials into products and raw materials that can be reused in production,” Lars Lundstam declared.

The new robotic sorting line will automate and advance the company’s waste sorting operations, increasing the overall material recovery and securing the quality of sorted fractions. Additionally, the need to transport waste decreases when waste can be processed closer to the source.

Sustainability supported by local community

The site is in the city of Östersund, which further tightened the already strict environmental regulations for the ambitious project. However, the local municipality supported the investment in the robot line as it was considered a perfect combination of new business opportunities and positive environmental impact.

Lundstams is committed to sustainable operation and the new site is expected to run fossil-free in the near future. The site is already equipped for introducing electric process equipment and solar panels in the coming years. Mattias Marktin, CEO at Lundstams, explained that the decision to apply robots was supported by the company’s ambition to improve material circulation in a sustainable way.

“The final decision was made with heart and mind – in addition to making business sense. We knew that it’s the right thing to do,” Mattias Marktin concludes.