Sorting Speed Increases with 15%

Smoother moves increase sorting speed with 15%

ZenRobotics’ sorting robots are now picking waste even smoother and faster. Recent improvements in motion control increase the robot’s sorting speed with 15% thanks to more efficient, less robotic movements.

Years’ of experience in installing robots into waste sorting facilities have deepened our understanding of how robots need to perform in a waste-sorting environment. Traditionally robots follow fixed preprogrammed trajectories. In waste sorting robots need to pick complex objects from random locations on a moving conveyor and throw them to chutes. All of these are unusual movements for industrial robots.

With faster picking speed in mind we developed new motion control. More efficient trajectories increase sorting speed on average by 15%. With the upgrade, a three-armed ZenRobotics Heavy Picker makes 900 picks more in an hour. That’s up to 6900 picks per hour in total.

But it’s not only the speed that has improved. More efficient trajectories also improve the overall robot durability and minimizes collisions as the robot is able to pull back quicker.

Movement that adapts to waste

More intelligent motion control enables the robot to adapt its movement to specific waste streams. Lightweight foils cannot be thrown to chutes but they need to be placed, whereas heavy stones need more speed for throws. Also different types of grippers require different kinds of motion. Furthermore, agile movement is needed in cases where robots place picked objects on other conveyors instead of chutes.

ZenRobotics Heavy Picker can now sort waste 15% faster!