Spross to install robots in the heart of Zurich

ZenRobotics Ltd. and Spross Muldenservice AG have agreed on a delivery of a ZenRobotics Heavy Picker to the customer’s site in Zurich, Switzerland. The unit that will sort construction waste and bulky household waste will be delivered in March 2019.

The Spross Group, founded originally in 1892, is a Zurich-based family business in the fifth generation. In addition to dumping and disposal services the company offers landscaping and real estate services. Spross waste collection point Debag Zurich is located in the heart of Zurich. Debag Zurich site processes 130,000 tonnes of construction waste and bulky household waste annually. 70 percent of it is recycled today.

“As we’re located right in the city centre we are truly working with urban mining. We are excited to integrate robots to our process as we always aim to use the latest technology in preparing urban waste for reuse,” says Mr. Josef Binzegger, Manager Disposal Services at Spross Muldenservice AG.

The Heavy Picker unit will replace a manual sorting station where the robot will recover mainly concrete and stone for concrete production. In addition, the robot will pick wood and plastics as well as some metals. A benefit of robots is that they’re multipurpose machines. One unit can sort several fractions of various sizes simultaneously in one spot.

“The Swiss market is very advanced when it comes to reuse of construction materials. Especially in concrete recycling they’re forerunners. Therefore it’s very exiting to work with forward-thinking Swiss customers who really want to benefit from the most advanced technologies,” says Mr. Thomas Baldt, Sales Representative of ZenRobotics.

Mr. Baldt and ZenRobotics’ Swiss partner, Mr. André Bucher from AA Protun AG have experienced that more and more companies in Europe are looking into robotic waste sorting. “By mid 2019 we will have the highest concentration of sorting robots per capita in Switzerland”, indicates André Bucher with a big smile.

“Interest towards waste sorting robots in Central Europe is definitely on the rise. Especially in the German speaking region the buzz is tangible and we’re going to share more robotic news from the region shortly,” Mr. Baldt adds.

Spross Debag Zurich