Disruption ahead – keep robots in your radar!

Compared to other industries, waste sorting has been slow to adopt changes – so far. At ZenRobotics we believe that we’re on the edge of a revolution and that robots will lead the way.

According to a recent report on venture capital investments to material recycling by Lux Research (covered by this Environmental Leader article), circular economy technologies are becoming a new favorite for investors. Of the total funding of $668 million, material recycling technologies accounted for 69%. So, it is safe to say that big changes are brewing.

Interestingly enough, much of the funding seems to be going to the area of robotics. This supports our vision of a robotic future for the recycling business.

Waste collection and sorting are experiencing disruptive changes due to the innovations based on software, data analytics, and robotics.” – Jerrold Wang, Lux Research

Why robots will lead the way?

Conventional recycling technologies will not be sufficient to meet the needs of new circular economy. Why? Because in the future:

  • Material recycling will inevitably continue to increase.
  • Quality requirements for recycled fractions will be higher.
  • Energy and process efficiency must constantly improve.

Whereas robots provide scalability and work 24/7 without compromising quality. Sensor technologies allow high material purity and accurate recycling. Low energy needs help cut down operating costs. Being software-based, robotic systems can adapt to different customer requirements.

So, if you are planning to operate in the waste management business, make sure you keep a close eye on the robots!