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Reducing dependency on manual sorting

  • Baetsen Recycling
  • Heavy Picker
  • C&D, C&I
  • Netherlands

Robots reduce the need for manual sorting

Known to be a true pioneer in waste processing, Baetsen was one of the first customers to invest in robotic sorting. The company decided to install a ZenRobotics Recycler (ZRR) unit to its facilities in Son, the Netherlands, in 2013. Later the site was upgraded with two Heavy Pickers in early 2015.

Today the two Heavy Pickers work side-by-side with manual sorters in a sorting cabin. The robots recover mainly wood, ferrous and non-ferrous fractions and inert fractions from mixed C&D and C&I.

Increased job satisfaction and occupational safety

Robots work with non-stop accuracy and speed

Reduced dependency on sorting personnel

Good alternative for the years to come

Baetsen is a large C&D and C&I recycler in the Netherlands, processing over 150,000 tonnes of construction and demolition waste per year.

Baetsen’s main challenge was finding and holding on to good personnel. Before installing the robotic sorting system, Baetsen was heavily tied to manual sorting personnel. In addition, finding new employees was difficult, expensive and the turnover of current staff was too high. The company wanted to find alternatives for improving waste sorting methods and ways to reduce its dependency on manual sorting for the years to come.