Carl F: Wind-powered robotic sorting

Carl F is a family-owned waste management company based in Malmö, Sweden. Originally established in 1888, the company today processes annually 30,000 to 40,000 tons of construction waste. The company is dedicated to making its operations more sustainable.

Challenge: Minimizing the footprint of waste processing

As an example of its commitment to sustainability, Carl F in 2013 installed a wind turbine to power its recycling station. However, while more than 50% of the waste was being recycled, the company felt that too much annual waste still ended up in incineration.

Solution: Robots boost recycling rate by 25%

After discussions with ZenRobotics, Carl F decided to pair its eco-friendly wind turbine with a ZenRobotics Recycler unit. This investment allowed the company to set up a flexible and efficient waste sorting process with robots that can operate around the clock.

The company’s goal was to recover up to 12,000 tons more recyclable material each year – a significant 25% increase. In addition to less waste for incineration, lower operating costs and higher income from recyclables, the company now operates a first-of-its-kind robotic waste sorting facility in Sweden.

Key benefits:

  • Increased recovery of recyclables by up to 25%.
  • Non-stop operation, day and night.
  • Significantly reduced ecological footprint.

“We are constantly looking for more efficient practices and the ZenRobotics waste sorting system fits that scope perfectly. The standalone process allows us very efficient waste sorting and the robots have been doing the night shift, too.”