Eberhard: Converting waste to pure recyclables

The Eberhard Group is a pioneering, privately owned waste management company based in Zurich, Switzerland. Eberhard is dedicated to seeking the most economical and ecological ways to operate in the waste industry.

Challenge: how to accurately sort specific waste streams?

Eberhard sorts mixed mineral waste from the construction industry. A mixed mineral stream is sorted into pure fractions that can be reused. The company was looking for a flexible, efficient and accurate solution for converting waste streams more efficiently and accurately in order to produce higher revenues.

Solution: trainable robotic sorting system

In 2015, Eberhard started operating a ZenRobotics Recycler sorting system with two robot arms at its facility in Zurich. In addition to operational efficiency and unmanned operation, one of ZRR’s main features is the system’s ability to learn how to handle different waste streams. Today, the robots separate multiple grades of minerals simultaneously and adapt to changes in the waste streams when necessary. System operators can easily introduce new sorting tasks.

Key benefits:

  • High purity of recycled materials, higher aftermarket revenues.
  • Flexible, learning system adapts to specific sorting needs.
  • Multiple fractions processed simultaneously

Customer quote:

“Working with the ZRR allows us to respond quickly to changes in the quantities and properties of the input materials. For us it is important that the ZRR is flexible in sorting different kinds of materials under different conditions. At the end of the sorting process, we want to have pure mineral matter without impurities which can then be used for recycled products. If there are impurities in the materials which have already passed through the ZRR, the system can later learn to recognize these impurities. In addition, we are able to train the robots to learn and handle different types of materials. This makes the system useful and profitable for us.”

ZenRobotics Recycler Switzerland