Recon Services: First robot sorters in the US

Recon Services Inc. is a locally owned and family-operated construction debris company based in Austin, Texas. The company is Texas’ 1st Qualified C&D Processor and certified through the Recycling Certification Institute. At the moment, the company is the only qualified C&D waste processing company in the City of Austin.

Challenge: To keep up with new C&D recycling regulations

Having operated in the waste processing business since 2005, Recon Services knew it was facing new challenges due to the tightening C&D recycling regulations and changes in the job markets, such as increased job safety requirements, health care and wage costs. To remain ahead of its competition, the company needed both to optimize its operations and increase the amount of recyclables.

It’s a safer operation to have our existing employees work with, and we saw an opportunity for better quality and better sorting.

Solution: Robotic sorting enhances current recycling processes

After discovering the ZenRobotics Recycler system at the Waste360 Recycling Summit in Austin, the company owners visited a test facility in Denver and eventually flew to Finland to validate how the system met their requirements. The company then decided to install ZRR to enhance its current recycling process.

When robots handle most of the dirty and dangerous work, the company can use their employees’ effort for tasks that add more value.

Key benefits:

  • Enhance and leverage existing infrastructure.
  • Lower labour costs, higher work safety and output quality.
  • Upgradeable technology allows meeting regulations and staying ahead of competition.

In May 2018 Recon was awarded with Texas Environmental Excellence Award for Innovative Operations and Management. Read more >>