Software Developer (several positions)

As a Software developer you join the team developing and maintaining our product software that consists of numerous components, different languages and technologies. Your tasks can range from working on machine learning to debugging a web-ui and to working with industrial automation.

We’re looking for a person who is a strong generalist with a specialty or two, and the ability to drive tasks to completion. We appreciate a hands-on attitude and readiness to take responsibility. Our four main technologies include C++, Python, JavaScript, and Beckhoff PLC. And there’s some Clojure.

Experience in machine learning, computer vision, robotics, automation, and related fields is a plus. We appreciate if you know what a good process is, and aren’t afraid to call out a bad one. You know that documentation and tests are not just boxes to tick, but functional parts of a software ecosystem. You understand the values and dangers of design compromises. Software Developers have to travel occasionally since ZenRobotics Recyclers are sold around the world. Fluent verbal English is also a must.

Submit your application, titled “Software Developer”, with a description of your skill set and CV to [email protected] We will fill in the positions as soon as we find the right candidates so please send your application as soon as possible.