Fast Picker


Optimal for material recovery facilities (MRFs), this robot replaces manual sorting and increases profits with high output purity. Fast Picker’s compact design allows easy integration to existing processes and conveyors.


Figures and Facts




Unit Length (mm)

1200 x 600

Working Area (mm)

- It's been great to follow the journey from an idea to a final product that solves our customer's problems and saves the world from drowning in waste.

Matti Kääriäinen, Principal Engineer


Fast Picker’s robust and compact design is optimal for demanding waste treatment environments. The unit fits a single sorting bay and can be retrofitted for different conveyor widths and multi-lane conveyors. So, it fits most picking stations without additional modifications. Click the icons below for more information.

Sensor Bar

The sensor bar is a narrow (250 mm) and light structure that can be easily lifted and installed to existing sorting cabins and tight spaces. It’s equipped with LED lamps and RGB cameras that scan the waste.

The recommended distance between the sensor bar and the robot is 431mm. The distance allows a sufficient time for computing and controlling the robot.

Compact Design

Fast Picker has a robust and compact design that can be easily retrofitted for different conveyor widths and multiline conveyors. It fits most picking stations without additional modifications.

Collision Management

Fast Picker’s robust design allows collisions that are likely to happen in waste processing as unexpected objects occur on the conveyor. The movement in X-axis gives the gripper freedom to collide and protects it from damage.


Service Position

Fast Picker is easily accessible for quick maintenance. The gripper moves to a service position, allowing gripper maintenance without stopping the production. The Vortex gripper is easy to clean and maintain.


The Fast Picker is equipped with a state-of-the art Vortex gripper that’s designed especially  for waste sorting. The suction gripper’s vacuum is generated in the gripper to avoid blockages in the tubes. This allows easy maintenance and minimizes downtime as tubes do not get clogged by waste.

Working Area

1200 mm x 600 mm. Maximum belt speed: 1 m/s.

The robot moves in three directions (X, Y, Z) to allow a maximal sorting area across the conveyor. The rectangular sorting area allows more time to track objects and enables picking from the entire belt width.

Control Panel & Door

The unit is controlled from a control panel. 

Discharge Chute

The Fast Picker unit has built-in chutes with easy access through the cage doors.


Fast Picker’s low operating cost is a result from low air consumption (250 l/min at 8 bar), low energy consumption (11 kW) and low maintenance cost.


Fast Picker’s robust design is fit for waste sorting. A high upward movement (Z-axis) allows a high strike, meaning that the robot can easily lift objects and carry them over other waste that’s left on the conveyor. Fast Picker has a high payload and it’s designed to manage collisions. The simple mechanical design is easy to maintain.

Unit size


1944 mm


2670 mm


2750 mm


Fast Picker is specifically designed to make MRF’s more efficient and to maximize profits from waste sorting. The AI-powered robot provides increased product purity and high-quality fractions, resulting in increased profits.

The compact robot can be easily installed to existing processes, making it an excellent choice for sorting many waste types.

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