Heavy picker

Multipurpose waste sorting robot for bulky material

Heavy Picker is the strongest sorting robot that can easily separate multiple waste fractions with the help of various sensors, heavy-duty robot arms and artificial intelligence. It provides a simple, unmanned sorting process and makes waste sorting safer, more accurate and profitable.


Figures and Facts


Robotic arms


Max. object weight / kg


Picks / h / 3 arms


Heavy Picker minimizes the need for pre-shredding waste or pre-sorting the waste with an excavator. The robots work completely autonomously, even around the clock. Click the icons below for more information.


Usual conveyor width 1800 mm.

Sensor unit

The sensor unit, including NIR hyper spectral imaging sensors, 3D sensor system, hi-res RGB camera, metal imaging sensor, VIS visual light spectrum sensor, scans the waste stream.


ZenBrain is our AI software that analyzes real-time sensor data and controls the robots.

Control Panel

Here you start and stop robots, open the cage door and move the robot arm.

Discharge Chutes

2 x 2 discharge chutes per robot arm.

Robot arm

A single robot arm makes up to 2000 picks/hour. Its working area is 1800 mm x 2000 mm.

Smart Gripper

The durable smart gripper is designed for waste. It is collision-proof and easy to maintain. It grips waste fractions of various shapes and sizes quickly and accurately.

Smart Motion Control

Traditionally robots follow fixed preprogrammed trajectories. In waste sorting robots need to pick complex objects from random locations on a moving conveyor and throw them to chutes. ZenRobotics’ smart motion control increase speed and improve robot durability as robots can better avoid collisions.

Unit size

Unit size (3 arms): L13725 mm, W 5261 mm, H 3845 mm

Safety Cage

Safety cage with sliding door and signal LED lamps.


Unit size

1-3 arms


max 13725 mm


5261 mm


3845 mm

It's rewarding to solve customers' problems. Saving the world is a bonus.

Lasse Rasinen, Senior Developer

Waste sorting the way you want

Heavy Picker is a multipurpose sorting robot that easily adapts to a wide range of sorting needs. You can sort multiple fractions at the same time and even prioritize the most valuable objects to maximize profits.

Zenrobotics Heavy Picker is the perfect sorting solution for heavy and bulky material of various shapes and sizes.

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