How does waste sorting with robots work?

ZenRobotics’ systems rely on the unique combination of our own smart software and standard industrial robots. Various sensors continuously monitor the waste stream. Smart and self-learning software, which we call ZenbrAIn, analyzes the sensor data in real-time. High-grade, durable industrial robots pick waste fractions of various shapes and sizes quickly and accurately.

Sensor Fusion

ZenRobotics combines sensory data from multiple sensors to create an accurate real-time analysis of the waste stream. Based on this analysis, the robots makes autonomous decisions on what objects to pick and how.

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How does it work?

  1. ZenRobotics sensor unit continuously scans the waste stream.
  2. ZenbrAIn software analyses the data in real-time and controls the robots.
  3. The control software identifies individual materials, objects and gripping points from the waste streams.
  4. ZenRobotics Smart Gripper picks up the desired objects and throws them in the right chute.
  5. Robots can sort multiple fractions in one spot and adjust their work as needed.