Intelligence with ZENBRAIN

Intelligent waste sorting solution

We have harnessed the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to increase the efficiency of waste sorting. If the industrial robots and powerful sensors are the hands and eyes of our robots, smart, trainable software is the brain of the system. In fact, it’s called ZenBrain.


Smart robots learn new tricks

AI allows you to introduce a new fraction for sorting, improve the sorting quality of a fraction, or divide an existing fraction into new sub-fractions. When you train the system, you always stay in full control of what is sorted.

As every customer case is different, we have focused on adaptability and on speeding up learning so that robots can easily adapt to changes in the waste. Our extensive experience and data from global references help us to to further develop the systems.

Future-proof operation

AI provides more varying recognition capabilities and allows more specific sorting tasks. This increases flexibility and offer new business opportunities.

Sensor Fusion

ZenRobotics combines sensory data from multiple sensors to create an accurate real-time analysis of the waste stream. Based on this analysis, the robots makes autonomous decisions on what objects to pick and how.

Robots sort waste as well as humans

Robots can replace inefficient manual processes as they can sort waste as well as humans – only faster and safer!


Robots easily adapt to changes in the waste stream and can be trained for new sorting tasks and waste streams.

Versatile sorting capabilities

Combined with modern sensors AI allows robots to identify objects based on various characteristics. Sorting can be done based on material, shape, color or even specific object type.