Autonomous waste recycling simply and profitably

ZenRobotics technology combines our own AI software with durable robot design fit for a demanding waste sorting environment. Robots can be installed to complement your existing process or set up as a stand-alone waste sorting process. If you’re looking for an efficient and yet a simple solution, ZenRobotics’  robots allow improved productivity with few additional investments and low operating costs.


Complex pre-processing not required!

Robotic waste sorting does not require complex waste pre-processing as the robots pick various fractions in one spot. For optimizing performance and throughput we recommend:

  • Screening: remove fines and clearly oversized objects.
  • Distributing the material evenly on the sorting belt to optimize throughput.

To maximize recovery, ZenRobotics systems can control the rate of the material feed. Maximum throughput (t/h) depends on the density of the input material.

Switch the sorting task on the go!

Robots are multipurpose machines and their sorting capabilities can be redefined for every new market situation – even on a daily basis.

ZenRobotics robots come equipped with an easy-to-use user interface. You can easily control sorted fractions, purity and throughput and react to changes in the waste stream. The User Interface allows you to select an operation mode to maximize the throughput, minimize the reject or even let the robots choose the most profitable mode.