Efficient waste processing 24/7

ZenRobotics Recycler is fast, accurate and the strongest robotic waste processing solution there is. One robot makes up to 2,000 picks per hour. So, a typical installation with two robot arms makes up to 4,000 picks per hour and works in two shifts. Now, multiply that with a three-robot installation that works 24/7 in multiple shifts. That amounts to a mountain of sorted waste!



Capacity = Average object weight x average picking speed = tons sorted!


You can estimate the picking capacity by multiplying your average object weight with the average picking speed. The result is the number of tons sorted per hour.

Waste processing performance and specs

ZRR performance varies depending on the selected configuration and the number of robots. The table below illustrates the average performance specifications for different ZenRobotics Recycler installations.


ZenRobotics Recycler is multi-tasking

ZRR sorts numerous waste material types and various objects simultaneously in one spot, reducing the need for complex pre-processing of waste. A single robot arm can pick up to 4 different fractions with very high precision, reaching up to 98% purity. ZRR can also do hybrid sorting, picking both valuable fractions and reject waste off the conveyor at the same time.

ZRR is able to separate large and heavy objects of up to 30kg. The robot’s smart gripper opens from 50 to 500mm, allowing you to sort of objects of various shapes and sizes. The smart gripper is specifically designed to meet the demands of solid waste and to avoid slipping and dropping objects.

Each robot arm has a wide working area and can throw the sorted objects in several waste chutes. Typically each robot arm is able to sort and move around in a 2×2 meter area, ensuring the system high sorting performance.


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