Smart sorting with ZenbrAIn

If the industrial robots and powerful sensors are the hands and eyes of ZenRobotics robots, smart, trainable software is the brain of the system. In fact, we actually call the software ZenbrAIn. Thanks to the software, the robot is able to perform smart sorting based on real-time sensor input instead of following a pre-programmed routine.

Unique software enables extremely accurate high-speed waste separation and the capability to sort multiple fractions at once. Machine learning means that you can actually teach the ZenRobotics system. This makes the system future-proof and allows you to react to changes in the waste streams and the recycling business.

ZenbrAIn scans the waste and controls the robots.

Sensor Fusion

ZenRobotics combines sensory data from multiple sensors to create an accurate real-time analysis of the waste stream. Based on this analysis, the system makes autonomous decisions on what objects to pick and how.

ZenRobotics Recycler sensors

  • NIR – near infrared spectrum sensors
  • 3D sensor system
  • Hi-res RGB camera
  • Imaging metal detector
  • VIS – visual light spectrum sensor

Adding flexibility to waste separation

You can train the ZenRobotics systems to introduce a new fraction for sorting, improve the sorting quality of a fraction, or divide an existing fraction into new sub-fractions. Therefore, by training the system, you stay in full control of what is sorted.

Training is done by simply showing it samples of what to sort. During a training run, place typical sample objects of desired fractions on the sorting belt. Then run them through the ZenRobotics unit. Training is quick as the system learns on the spot.

The unique ability to learn new fractions allows you to quickly react to changes in the waste stream. In addition, increased flexibility results in increased return on investment. This is the kind of flexibility that has previously not been available in waste sorting.

ZenRobotics Reporting Tool is available also separately for waste analysis.


Modern waste reporting and monitoring tools

ZenRobotics Reporting Tool gives you access to on-line analyses of your waste stream and sorting results. The reporting tool provides you with key information needed to control and optimize your production.

ZenRobotics systems come equipped with an easy-to-use user interface.  From there you can easily control sorted fractions, purity and throughput and react to changes in the waste stream.