Skrotfrag Installs a Robotic Sorting Line for Scrap Metal

Swedish scrap processing company Skrotfrag installs a robotic sorting line for sorting scrap metal. The robotic sorting line, equipped with a three-armed ZenRobotics Heavy Picker, will be the third of its kind in Sweden. Skrotfrag will be one of the first companies to apply robotic sorting technology to scrap metal. The application is a welcomed … Continued

Spross to install robots in the heart of Zurich

ZenRobotics Ltd. and Spross Muldenservice AG have agreed on a delivery of a ZenRobotics Heavy Picker to the customer’s site in Zurich, Switzerland. The unit that will sort construction waste and bulky household waste will be delivered in March 2019. The Spross Group, founded originally in 1892, is a Zurich-based family business in the fifth … Continued

Swedish Company Lundstams Invests in Robotic Waste Sorting

The Swedish waste management company Lundstams Återvinning AB and Mared AB have agreed on a delivery of ZenRobotics waste sorting robots to one of Lundstams’ facilities in Northern Sweden. The new sorting line allows Lundstams to process waste more efficiently and closer to the source. The robotic sorting line is expected to be operational in … Continued

Zanker Recycling chooses ZenRobotics for California

ZenRobotics and Plexus Recycling Technologies will deliver robotic recycling systems to Zanker Recycling in San José, California. ZenRobotics Recycler units . will be the first of their kind on the west coast and will be operational by fall 2018. Zanker Recycling handles daily 2,600 tons of construction and demolition waste material, processed through three recycling systems. … Continued

ZenRobotics Delivers Recycling Robots to Singapore

ZenRobotics Ltd. and V8 Environmental Pte Ltd have agreed on a delivery of robotic waste separation technology to Singapore. The three-armed ZenRobotics Recycler unit will be installed in a new Material Recovery Facility (MRF) that is expected to be operational by the mid of next year.  V8 Environmental is one of Singapore’s leading waste management … Continued

Sunshine Groupe Invests in ZenRobotics’ Recycling Technology

ZenRobotics Ltd. will deliver robotic recycling technology to Sunshine Groupe in Melbourne, Australia. The three-armed ZenRobotics Recycler unit (ZRR3) will be the first of its kind in Australia and it is expected to be fully operational in spring 2017. Sunshine Groupe, founded in 1926, is a family-owned business with recycling experience in five generations. With recent … Continued

Recycling Robots To Sort Out Chinese Construction Waste

ZenRobotics Ltd. and Jiangsu LVHE Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. have agreed on cooperation on the first robotic construction and demolition waste recycling facility in China. The first units will be installed in summer 2017. The companies have also signed an exclusive partnership for the distribution of ZenRobotics Recycler, the first commercially available robotic waste sorting system, … Continued

Plexus Recycling and Recon Services launch robotic sorting in the US

On November 1, 2016, Plexus Recycling Technologies announced that the Austin recycling company, Recon Services Inc./973 Materials will be the first facility in the US to install a ZenRobotics sorting line in their C&D Recycling Facility. “Plexus Recycling Technologies is extremely excited to work with Recon Services Inc. on this monumental project involving robotics separation … Continued

Robotic recycling soon in Australia and Sweden

Next fall ZenRobotics’ quest for world domination will take new leaps as ZenRobotics Recyclers enter new markets. ZenRobotics Ltd has agreed on delivering ZenRobotics Recycler waste-sorting systems to Australia and Sweden. The robotic recycling systems will be the first of their kinds in the respective markets. Smarter sorting solutions are in demand due to tightening regulation. … Continued