ZenRobotics Fast Picker reinforces ZenRobotics’ line of heavy-duty waste sorting robots

ZenRobotics is thrilled to announce its latest addition to the line of intelligent waste sorting robots: ZenRobotics Fast Picker for light material. The new robot model is a result of our decade-long experience in waste robotics and couples the most intelligent software with high-speed picking. Designed to improve the efficiency of MRF’s, ZenRobotics Fast Picker … Continued

Revolutionizing Recycling Pick by Pick

This post was originally posted on Wasteless Future and reposted with permission from Antonis Mavroupoulos. We are living the age of change and disruption. During the past year, we have noticed a huge increase in interest towards cutting-edge technologies from the waste markets. At ZenRobotics, we believe big changes are brewing and that robots and … Continued