ZenRobotics Introduces New Feature: ZRR Sorts Bags

ZenRobotics Recycler, the world’s leading robotic recycling system, now comes not only with construction and demolition waste sorting abilities, but also offers a solution for municipal solid waste: bag sorting for source-separated MSW. ZenRobotics’ first step towards MSW markets introduces a ZRR that picks plastic bags of up to 30 kg in weight by colour, no … Continued

Gripping the future

Here at ZenRobotics, we are more than well aware of the innovator’s dilemma: how much we should focus on the next six months to deliver the best possible customer experience for our current customers versus how much we should focus on a somewhat longer term view – advancing the state of the art, for example. … Continued

Disruption ahead – keep robots in your radar!

Compared to other industries, waste sorting has been slow to adopt changes – so far. At ZenRobotics we believe that we’re on the edge of a revolution and that robots will lead the way. According to a recent report on venture capital investments to material recycling by Lux Research (covered by this Environmental Leader article), … Continued