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Create more value out of wood waste with Heavy Picker

Mixed wood waste can be sorted by grade into A, B and hazardous wood to improve recycling quality and separate hazardous objects with ZenRobotics Heavy Picker.

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Let's start sorting

Heavy Picker sorts wood by grade:

Clean untreated wood (A)

Clean untreated wood such as pre-consumer waste wood, waste wood from manufacturing of raw, untreated board products and untreated wooden packaging.

Treated wood (B):

Treated and non-hazardous industrial waste wood. Typical materials are building and demolition materials and domestic furniture made from solid wood.

Hazardous wood (C/D)

Hazardous wood waste. All grades of wood not suitable for recycling and requiring disposial at specific facilities.

Output: more value out of recycled wood

After sorting wood by grade, you have extended your sorting quality and separated hazardous objects. You also have a better understanding of your waste sorting process to increase the intelligence of your facility and sell more fractions. On top of that, sorting waste with ZenRobotics enables you to reach ambitious circular economy targets, while replacing hazardous manual processes.

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